Vina Rubber Co., Ltd | Vietnam custom rubber parts manufacturer, trustworthy rubber products supplier on supply chain with over 20 years experience. Produce rubber molding parts, silicone seal, rubber bonding to metal parts, medical O'rings seals, FDA Food-contact materials, rubber gaskets, rubber grommets, extrusion profiles...

Today, Vietnam is one of the leading supply centers with many international manufacturing brands, stability of politics and economics, labor cost is one of cheapest countries in the world. So that, those are reasons why our product is high quality and more competitive.


Rubber mold making

Mold making & prototype development. Rubber & silicone molds of injection; compression; transfer...

Rubber & silicone molding parts

Precision molding rubber parts, silicone seals, rubber bonding to metal parts, FDA silicone food-contact material...

natural rubber supplier from Vietnam

Trustworthy supplier of natural rubber from Vietnam such as SVR 3L; SVR 5; SVR 10; SVR 20; SVR CV40; SVR CV50

TYPICAL rubber parts

Foosball table rubber bumper

Foosball table bumper

Molding rubber part

Rubber part

Rubber plug

Rubber plug

FDA silicone nipple

FDA silicone nipple

FDA silicone food contact material

FDA Food-contact materials

Silicone case

Silicone case

Rubber O rings

Rubber O'ring seals

FDA O rings (Food contact materials)

Medical silicone O'ring seals

Micro rubber & silicone components

Micro rubber & silicone components


Molded rubber part manufacturing

Medical O'ring seals manufacturing

Dimension and tolerances measurement

Packaging before delivery


Tamron Vietnam; WInora GroupSeal&Design Canada, LG Electronics VietnamHonda Vietnam, Summit Industries IncSimport Scientifics Canada; Panasonic Vietnam
  • “ We choose Vina Rubber because they can produce rubber molds by their self so can provide all solutions for our design of precision rubber parts ”
  • “ Their custom molding rubber parts are very high quality and match for our requirement ”
  • “ They can produce high quality molding rubber parts and competitive price, we are happy to cooperate with Vina Rubber ”

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